Joshua Tree

Panda Landa

I've known Panda for roughly six years. In this lifetime, at least. 


The thing is, when I'm with Panda, I'm not worried about being misunderstood in any way shape or form. They have this way of putting me completely at ease. They know my full story, regardless of whether I have verbally communicated this to them. They see me through and through.


Not only does this magical human get me on a fundamental level, but when we are together there is not stopping our creativity. Panda, Lauren and I come up with the most absurd movie pitches, TV shows, alternate realities, etc and there is no stopping us. 


We met in Seattle, then I moved away to Austin, Texas. A year or so later, Panda moved into the same apartment complex. Now they live in Joshua Tree, California and it turns out Lauren and I weren't ready to let go of summer adventuring so we came to Cali for a little road trip and made point to stay here in Joshua Tree. It just so happened that we were here for Panda's birthday and to wish them happy travels as they venture on to Nebraska for a month long artist residency. 


It's such magic to find a friend that you know will be in your life for the rest of your time on this earth and probably in lifetimes to come. 


I'll see you in my dreams, sweet traveller. <3