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As predictable as a sunrise, here I am. Ready to blog again. 

*Insert big sigh and eye roll here*


If I know anything, it is that your early twenties are a god damn shit show. There are so many reasons to re-invent. Every corner you turn, you’re someone new. That’s a lot to keep up with. I have the incredibly inconvenient disposition of yearning to know myself to the highest degree. In turn, this means that I ultimately favor upturning my life to be a more “authentic version” of myself, only to find that six months later, the soil needs to be churned again. 


But here’s the thing: I don’t think I’m alone. 


Millenials get so much flack for being “entitled” and “the embodiment of narcissism” (according to one Urban Dictionary definition). Here’s the thing- that’s not entirely wrong, just slightly misguided. We’re a generation raised on TV and internet. We’re the generation that overturned high school hierarchy and materialism- granted it’s been in favor of man buns and essential oils, but the underlying common denominator is this: we’re the first generation that’s interested in getting to know ourselves. Generations before us have faked it till they made it, and we’re finding that’s not working for us. Not only are we incredibly disadvantaged with our current (recovering) economy and the world we were adult-born into, but we’ve seen our parents and our grandparents work their asses off at a single company for 50+ years, just to be screwed over in the end with piss-poor retirement plans and dismal social security checks. And we’re saying “No, thanks, I’ll find my own way.” 


I am 25 years old. 


I have been a:


Pastry Cook

Traveler (seemingly professionally)

Food Blogger

Editorial Intern

and a 

Sad Sack of Unemployment


And now, as of tomorrow, I return to life as a student. Because New York City is no joke and if you’re going to play with the big boys, you have to have the credentials to get your foot in the door. I’ll be going to Medgar Evers College, a not-officially-but-historically black college in the heart of Brooklyn. So that will be extra interesting and I’m excited to break down whatever barriers I have left in regards to race and comfort zones.

I’m studying English Literature. In New York City. Not at NYU like I’d mostly dreamt about in high school, but nonetheless in New York.

I’m writing a screenplay and I’m workshopping several other screenplays to get started in the near future. I don’t know if this is my path, but education surely never hurt anyone and I have the vague idea that I’ll go onto an MFA in Filmmaking. Who knows.


Besides, I’m old/wise enough to know that there’s no point in designing a life path with specific dates and details. All I know is I want to write. And I want to be paid. I’ve always been a writer. Just never publicly- until roughly two years ago when this entire other world opened up to me. I’m thankful for where I’ve been. I’m eager to find out where I’m going. 


Join me?