Rory and Mallory Engagement

Oh hi. I've been horrible at keeping up with this- in fact, I'm sitting in a Library Studies class as I write this. What is Library Studies you ask? No clue. As far as I know it's just a class I go to every week where I sit in the back and enjoy looking at what everyone is googling while this Russian guy drones on and on about Boolean operators and databases and e-books. No joke.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to take some photos of my dear friends that recently got engaged. Mallory and I have known each other since college (my first run at it) and we connected over our pure hatred for the college we had wrongfully chosen. She's one of those friends that you can go years without talking to and then pick up right where you left off. It's the perfect situation for someone who has spent the years since we first met traveling and being a difficult friend to keep in touch with.

Here are their photos- expect loads more next July! They've asked me to do their wedding photos in Germany and I am delighted and thrilled to have said yes.


On a totally unrelated note- is anyone else having terrible nightmares about not making it to the polling station tomorrow???


What a bunch of badasses, am I right?


This spot in Prospect Park was a dream come true. It was a perfectly crisp Autumnal afternoon and I'm forever grateful to these two lovebirds for letting me take their photos just hours before their flights to Germany!!! If you're looking for Engagement Photos, Family Photos or even Pet Photos, let a sister know!