Welcome to a New Kind of Party


Lovely creature! You're here! You've arrived! I'm so glad. 

I'm a no small talk kind of gal, so I'll get right into it: I want to know what's going on in your heart, what your big dreams are- what your fears are. I want to connect. Over the years I've come to realize that's really all anyone wants, right? Connection.

 So I'm here to start a monthly brunch-like party for folks who might not always fit into the world or know where or how to start these conversations. 

Mumus and Mimosas is dedicated to intentional community-making for womxn, femmes, and non-binary folks. Below you'll find some FAQ's that will help you understand what to expect and what to look forward to. I can't wait to see your beautiful face!



You get an invite. You invite a plus one (see our FAQ if you need ideas on who to invite).

Invitees bring bubbles/cava/champagne/sparkling water.

Plus Ones bring orange juice/peach juice/whatever floats their boat. 

We all wear mumus and drink mimosas and munch on tasty treats (I have a degree in pastry, after all).

We do some conversations starting activities to give you a launching pad into all the Realness.

Then we party.

This event is meant to be a point of ignition- find who you spark with and carry those relationships forward! At the end of the year we will host one MASSIVE party with all of the folks who attended and we will all connect and find peace and harmony on earth. Huzzah!



Is this party invite-only? 

Yes, it is! If you've received an invite, you can (and SHOULD) bring ONE person. 

Ugh, I have no idea who to invite. Do I have to invite a plus one? 

The whole point of this party is to build and expand your community. So yes. Your plus one should be someone you've been meaning to connect with but weren't sure how. Maybe a coworker you think is interesting, someone you have a friend-crush on, someone you see on Instagram that you know is in Brooklyn but you don't know how to make it not weird by asking to hang out... this is your opportunity!  *You're secretly still invited if you don't come with a plus one.

This sounds real woo-woo. Is it gonna get woo-woo? 

You bet your ass. We'll be using the Dive In Deck to facilitate deeper conversation. We'll be talking about ways we connect to ourselves and to others, how we tap into our creativity, our spiritual practices and self-care routines, and sooo much more. It's gonna get woo-woo, but also, it's gonna be real fun and light hearted and we're probably going to laugh a LOT. Bring your skepticism, we have space. 

But what's with the mumus? 

It's all about comfort, baby. And getting a little silly. And feeling like we are all part of something together, even if it's just cuz we're wearing funny kaftans. To me, mumus are kind of genderless, which I super-appreciate. If wearing a mumu feels triggering to you for gender-identity related reasons please do your best to find an alternative- there are some dope ass big, flowy shirts you can wear with pants, etc. Whatever your interpretation of "mumu" is will work just fine, I'm sure. 

I don't drink. Do I have to bring champagne/bubbles? 

Totally cool and of course you don't have to bring alcohol if you don't feel comfortable! We have sparkling water and would be happy to make a mock mimosa for you. Yum! Shoot me a note and we can arrange accommodations (within reason) at sarahshalene@gmail.com

I have some insane dietary restrictions... will there be food for me? 

Each party will have an array of light snacks. Don't come starving! In fact, maybe get brunch with your plus one before the party! If you have dietary restrictions, please shoot me a note at sarahshalene@gmail.com


No worries. Send me a note and I will be happy to answer any question you have! I am nothing if not excellent at responding to emails in a timely manner. 

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