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Photo by Finn Harper, second shooter extraordinaire

Photo by Finn Harper, second shooter extraordinaire

As Seen on The Knot

I’m Sam. A queer wedding & love photographer with a mission to witness, capture, reflect and project queer folx and people of color, THRIVING. And straight, cis, hetero allies, you get to support me on that mission and I am more than thrilled to work with you and give you gorgeous photos as a big ass THANK YOU!

What can I say? I’m a lover of love. As an empath, I have a tendency to soak up the energy around me. So I figure if I’m constantly around love, I’m absorbing love and hopefully reflecting it right back to you in the form of artistically documented photographic feelings. This is my Pisces dreamer talking, but let’s get down to business *thanks Capricorn rising…

Let me take a wild shot at reading your mind.

a) You want amazing photos of your day! (but you don’t want them to be forced or cheesy and you definitely don’t want an invasive photographer with a huge ego running around your wedding making demands of you and your guests to LAUGH LIKE NO ONE IS WATCHING! )


b) You understand that the wedding industry is a capitalistic, patriarchal tradition (but traditions are meaningful and there’s a reason we feel all gooey inside thinking about longterm partnership and showing our loved ones!!!)

Because it all comes down to this:

We want our love to be known.

We want our love to be remembered.

So what to do?

How do we reconcile that little longing inside of us to have the party and do the dancing and the cake cutting and have the photos to cherish with the part of us that knows this sh*t is outdated and rooted in some patriarchal garbage?

We rewrite the story. And join the hundreds, if not thousands, of people who are fed up with the bullsh** narrative of brides living out their long-lived fantasy wedding, dragging along a disengaged groom… gender is dead and we all know it and that realllllyyyy messes with the wedding status quo… thank goddexx.

But guess what? You get to decide what suits you and what doesn’t. Take what works, leave the rest. I want to be a part of the wedding day family that makes your love party meaningful and memorable, whatever that means to you.

I can’t wait to capture you thriving.

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